Client Write-Up Update

Update to the Client Write-Up System – This is an all inclusive update with changes for the 2013 year end form changes. V10.09.07 (all windows versions) – Released 01/09/14

Included on this release are the changes for the 2013 tax year and some minor corrections and enhancements to the software.  PLEASE NOTE BEFORE UPDATING: Because of changes to the program authorization routine in this update the system may ask to be re-authorized after updating. To avoid having to get a new authorization code you can record your current code and reapply it after update. To get your code go to Help, Authorization Code Entry and record your current authorization code.

Download the file to a location on your hard disk that will be easy to find. Double click on the file and click the UNZIP button to extract the files to the local C:\PCSW folder. This update will need to be placed on each computer that runs the Client Write-Up program. After the update is complete open the Computer Checkbook program and go to Utilities, System Utilities and run the ‘Get updated tax tables after update’ program.

To verify that the programs are the correct version check the ‘program version’ in the ‘system information’ box to make sure it is at least 10.09.07.

To Download the 64-BIT update, CLICK HERE.