Networking & IT Management Solutions

Our Pro Systems Network Monitoring Services (PSI Monitor) provides availability, performance reporting, and service management to multiple customers from one central Web console. PSI Monitor provides 24×7 remote management with IT service support provided through proactive status, notification, and performance reporting for capacity planning and predictive analysis. PSI Monitor network monitoring is designed on a distributed N-tier architecture; it incorporates next generation standards and technologies, such as SOAP, XML, HTML / PHP and SQL, which emphasize extensibility, scalability, role-based views, and does not require re-configuration of client security infrastructure.

The basic function of PSI Monitor is to keep track of devices, services, and applications in an automated fashion on behalf of the user. In addition to collecting information, PSI Monitor allows the user to define specific criteria, or thresholds, that allow the system to make a determination on the quality of service based on the monitoring data.

  • Computers / Laptops – Hewlett Packard / IBM / Toshiba / PC Compatible Systems
  • Printers / Faxes / MFPs / Scanners – Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Okidata, Fujitsu
  • Microsoft Networking – Consulting / design / installation / upgrades / training / support / maintenance
  • Managed ServicesNetwork monitoring / performance monitoring / preventative maintenance / contracts
  • Off-site remote backups (replace obsolete tape backups) – protect your important data
  • Complete anti-virus / anti-malware solutions
  • VOIP phone systems and services
  • Support and maintenance options are customized to fit your requirements
  • Certified Technicians on staff

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PSI Monitor’s Network Monitoring System

Preventative Maintenance Services

Contracted Network Maintenance

Network Services

PSI Monitor is capable of monitoring remote TCP/IP based network applications either from the PSI Monitor server or alternately from a probe appliance. This provides the flexibility to monitor externally available network applications, as well as internal network services (behind firewalls, within private IP space, etc.). PSI Monitor monitors the following network services by initiating task-specific synthetic transactions and monitoring the results:

  • Connectivity (through ICMP )
  • HTTP
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • NNTP
  • DNS
  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • VNC

Each of these synthetic transaction tests is highly customizable to allow for non-standard service deployments and differing service level objectives. In addition, PSI Monitor provides a “generic” port-monitoring feature that allows users to track any network application that is associated to a specific port.

SNMP Services

PSI Monitor is capable of monitoring SNMP enabled devices from a probe deployed within the customer infrastructure. IT is capable of supporting any SNMP service on any managed device. PSI Monitor monitors the following SNMP services:

  • Traffic

Device-Level Services

In order to provide well-rounded coverage of all mission-critical configuration items, PSI Monitor provides device specific agents that are capable of interacting with the operating system and applications. PSI Monitor features agents for the following hardware platforms:

  • Windows Desktop (95/98/ME/XP)
  • Windows Servers (NT/2000/2003/XP)
  • Linux (RPM)
  • Solaris (2.7, 2.8)
  • Novell (5.1, 6)

The following agent-based services are available:

  • CPU Utilization
  • Disk Utilization
  • Swap/Memory Utilization
  • Process Monitoring
  • Batch Log Monitoring
  • Appended Log Monitoring