Contracted Network Maintenance

Services Includes:

  • If a problem is detected through the Network Monitoring Services or reported to Pro Systems by the Service Recipient’s Network Supervisor, Pro Systems agrees to provide the following priority services:
    • A Pro Systems Technician will review the problem within 2 business hours (9-6 EST, Monday through Friday, holidays excluded) and contact the Service Recipient’s Network Administrator to discuss the situation and suggest a solution.
    • If technical services are required to solve the problem, a Pro Systems Technician will be assigned to the problem within 4 business hours (9-6 EST, Monday through Friday, holidays excluded). The problem will be solved either remotely or through an onsite visit to the Service Recipient’s location.
    • Any labor time used to review or repair the problem will be subject to the rules and regulations within Appendix C and all other sections this Agreement.
  • Pro Systems agrees to offer Network Maintenance at a set hourly rate for up to the Contracted Hours per Agreement Year.
  • If additional labor hours are needed during the Agreement year, they will be billed at a set hourly rate.
  • Pro Systems will bill the Service Recipient for all travel at the set hourly rate in 15 minute intervals. Pro Systems will also bill the Service Recipient for all necessary expenses related to travel.
  • If any unused Contracted hours are remaining at the end of the Agreement Year, 50% of the unused Contracted hours may be carried over to the next renewal year. If the Agreement is not renewed during the next year, all remaining Contracted hours will be lost.
  • The Service Recipient agrees to contract Pro Systems to perform their Network Maintenance for the term of this Agreement.
  • The Service Recipient agrees to purchase the Contracted number of hours per Agreement Year (24 hours per year minimum).
  • The Service Recipient agrees to pay 1/12 of the total Contracted Network Maintenance Fees on a monthly basis.