CMI Fixed Assets Updates

Support for your CMI Fixed Assets program can be obtained by contacting the Pro Systems, Inc support team.  We are all happy to help in any way we can.   

The 4.1.138 version is an executable file and will require a password to extract to your program folder.  If you are unsure where you program is installed open your CMI program and check the program location at the top of the screen.   If  you have the network version and your program path is on a network share you will only need to perform this update one time.  If your program path is on your local drive the update must be performed on all active workstations.   Update emails will go out to primary contact email addresses with instructions and password.  If you have not yet received an email you may call support to verify your maintenance and receive the password.  Please make sure your CMI program is closed prior to performing this update.

To download the most recent update of CMI Fixed Assets click this link:   CMI Fixed Assets Version 4.1.138  (updated 1/29/2023) .   

If you did not receive your update e-mail please check with the support team to get the password: , 704-849-0400

The program is currently being modified and tested to use the placed in service date instead of the fiscal year dates to determine the correct bonus percentage.   

To download this update click this link: CMI Fixed Assets Version 4.1.139